Add hotkeys to increase/decrease indent


When I’m editing text within a modal I can not use the font editor since it is hidden in the background.

Because of that, it would be great to have hotkeys for the buttons increase/decrease intent so that I can still use those.




@mallika I was just trying to access the keyboard shortcuts via the ? menu in the app for a different purpose, but it was not available.

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Hi @Ander , we have been reconfiguring that panel. For now you can refer to this


Hey @Ander you are right. This is actually the second time I forget about this. It would be helpful if the hotkey was indicated when you hover on the icon here:

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All show the shortcut when hovering over the icons.

@mallika, only the increase/decrease indent "shortcut text"is missing.
I am sure the colleague responsible will be able to fix it :eight_pointed_black_star:


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