Keyboard shortcut: Indent/Outdent

I discovered that I can indent/outdent some block level elements with these keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + ]
Ctrl + [

Not sure if that’s a feature or a bug, but combined with Ctrl + Shift + 7/8 (numbering/bullets), this is particularly useful in the Details view, where we don’t yet have access to the text formatting toolbar.

Keyboard shortcuts:


Thanks for catching this @Ander! This shortcut is in the keyboard shortcuts panel in the platform (when you click on the question mark icon) but not in the help article. I updated the help article to include this shortcut :ok_hand:.


@Al_Chen_Coda Sure enough. I had only been using the help article. Just saw in the keyboard shortcuts panel that we can also:

Move a paragraph: Alt + ↑ or ↓ (I was going to submit a request for that!)


Thanks for that one as well @Ander, added to the help article!

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