Add Member / Role Type - Interactor & Modify Viewers

In addition to Makers, Editors and Viewers, there should be Interactors. Essentially this is to differentiate Viewers a bit further. Interactors can INTERACT with with the data and elements built by Makers and Editors within a given a doc (mark a Checkbox, choose from a Select List, enter text, as examples, but they don’t use formulas and cannot add/change sections, controls, tables, etc). Viewers should be allowed only to SEE the data and elements in a doc. Further, Viewers should NEVER be allowed to copy a doc! The Viewer role needs to be modified to disable this privilege. Allowing Viewers to copy a doc, enables them to take uncontrolled advantage of my precious data!


Hey @Coda_Araqsousi have a look at my post below. I called it Light Viewers… but this need is essentially very common. One important aspect you mentioned: Makers should be able to DISABLE THE COPY OF THE DOC. This is really important for privacy reasons and in order to protect data & formulas inside the doc: