Adding a reference table to template?

I’m creating a doc to contain minutes from team meetings. In the template I would like to have a reference table of important dates.

I have added it to the first record, but is it possible to have this show up on all records?

I’m not explaining it very well so here is a video to help explain better.

When i click on Notes for the first record you will see the table of important dates. And when I click on the notes for the second record you will see it is not there.

Is there anyway to have this added to the template so for ever record I create it will be there automatically?

Here is the link:

Hi @Chris_Hall

I understand that you want to display unconditionnaly a table “Important date” in every canvas you have for each row of DBA Team meetings. For that, you can for example use templates

→ Create a page with a view of your Important Date Table, and nothing else. (hide the name of this view for better display)

Then in DBA Team Meeting canvas option, select this template for “value for new rows”

Apply to blank if it is required. Now, for existing and newly added rows, you’ll always have your important date template loaded inside the canvas


Of course, you can create new canvas column, and configure your rows layout in DBA Team Meeting as much as you want.

Is that well what you meant ??



Thank you!

That is exactly what I wanted!

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Just a quick follow up question.

If I add a second table to the page with the view of important dates will it display on the template as well?

Hey @Chris_Hall

Yes, everyting you put in the page “Template” will be integrated inside the canvas !
It is usefull if you want to create different part to lead a meeting, with classic meeting template, etc…

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