Adding Color to a Multi-Select Button

Hi, I’m new to Coda and so far LOVING IT!

Does anyone know how to add color to a multi-select button? I want to use a multi-select button to indicate the status of a documents (Proposal, Evaluating, etc…). All ears if there’s a better solution.

Hi @Alex_Davidson,

You have two options.

You can add conditional formatting ( This can change the font colour and/or background colour of that cell, other cells or even the entire row. Note that this formatting only shows in table view and will not show on the form when you expand a row.

Alternatively you make the column a Lookup to another table that you are storing the options in. You apply styling to these options and it carries through. You can find out more here:

If you need more specific help please share a link to safe copy of your doc. Note that all content will be visible so most will create a dummy doc with just the necessary details. If you share the doc now and then continue it on to use live info note that the link you give out will still work until you revoke access which is another reason why a dummy doc is advised.

You can find more info on setting up sharing here:

Set the Share via Link to “View only”, go to the Embed tab, copy the link and then paste in here and it will generate an embedded preview of your doc for us to see and interact with.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of more help.

Kind regards


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Hi @Dale_Cowling,

Thanks for the pointers.

I was trying to do this without using a table - by just dropping the multi-select button on a page.


Hi Alex,

What do you mean with a “multi-select” button?


Hi @Alex_Davidson,

I too am confused when you say ‘button’. Do you mean a control?

The same Table formatting applies to controls. Just use a /Lookup control.

Kind regards


Oops - yes sorry - I mean CONTROL.

Told you I was new to this :blush:

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No worries @Alex_Davidson.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance :slight_smile:

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