Adding leading zeros to serialnumber

Hi There!

After searching the forum and coming to some awseome ideas, i’m really close (I hope)

I have a button which generates a sequential number, which is in the column “CMPR”. Now I would like to add leading zero’s to the serialnumber. The problem comes when the number changes form 9 to 10. Now my serial number is 5 digits and I want to limit to 4. Does anybody have a idea?

The formula I use in the second column is this:


Funny thing about researching a solution is thet when typing it out, you stumble across a possible solution and voilá. I just added a third column and used the Leftpad formula. Then in the last column i used Concatenate to add all the parts.

I’m still somewhat in excel mode and making huge formulas, nesting them and so on…

Anyway, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

hi peter,

did you consider the function Format()

Enjoy, Cheers, Christiaan

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