Leading Zeros in number column?

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is any way to have a number column always have lets say 3 numbers. So the first row would be 001 and the 20th 020.

Thanks for helping!

Hi @Remco_de_Louw :blush: !

A Number column, I don’t so :thinking: (The supplementary “zeros” will be ignored)… But a Text Column in which you could use LeftPad() should work :blush: .

It depends on how important the format of that column is :blush: .

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Ah thank you! I will try it out.

No problem :blush: !

Just in case, here is a quick sample I should have shared earlier (:sweat_smile:) but forgot to do so (:innocent: )

Formula in LeftPad - 1


Formula in LeftPad - 2

LeftPad(thisRow.[A Number],3,0)
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Thanx it always helps to have a example!

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