Agree/Disagree button before showing other taps

Hi Guys,

A newbie here.

I’m trying to publish my work doc on the web as my work sample portfolio, but I want viewers to agree with the disclosure terms + leave their email first before they can view the content on other taps.

So I want to create agree/disagree button below the terms on the disclosure page.

  • If viewers want to view the other taps and press the agree button
    • an row for email entry should pop up and automatically store the email info in a table on other pages
  • Once viewer clicked the button & leave their emails
    • other taps should be visible to them

Big thanks

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Hey @Joey_Chai ,
welcome to the community!

This is one of the very few use cases, that might not be easy to build in Coda, because you cannot manage who can view whole pages dynamically.

There are some ways to manage table view rights dynamically with filters when you have a user table, but since you send it to strangers, this won’t work.

Maybe after release, the Canvas Column could help. Instead of tabs you could make a hidden page with a table that has a canvas columns with your portfolio. The table with that canvas is filtered and locked, so you can’t open it without a button.
For the user, you have a formfield and an agree button. When a user fills out the email adress, the button saves the mail adress and then opens the canvas. The button only works when an email adress is filled out.

But this would also mean, that when a user closes the windows and comes back, he has to fill it out again…

You could also make a form and after submission you show the link to the real portfolio doc to the user and also send a mail with the link. But this is not the best UX as you cannot make a real “hyperlink” in the form thank you page, the mail might take some time to come and you can not prevent the user from sharing the direct doc link with others.

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