AI packs dissapearing :)

Hi there,

AI packs (for an unknown reason) started dissapearing from my docs as of yesterday.

Is there a specific reason?


Hi @Bojan_Pavlovic - There isn’t any larger platform change that I’m aware of that would cause this. Which Packs specifically disappeared?

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we removed 2 openAI packs from the gallery because they used paid accounts that have lapsed and we have migrated to the Coda AI functionality.

i wasnt aware they were used by anyone outside our in-house project. they were early experiments in beta testing and had some known bugs, so it seemed best to retire them.

nobody outside our in-house project had applied for the beta program, so i didnt expect there to be any issues removing them.

i dont think they were actually being used at the time.
apologies if it has caused any problems.


A Sentiment Analysis pack also was removed for me yesterday :confused:

Yes, I thinks it’s the Google NL Sentiment Analysis that was removed for me too.

Hi Eric,

  • The Sentiment Analysis Pack
  • The Artificial Intelligence Pack
  • The Agile Pack too
  • The CodePen Pack

I can recall these of the top of my head. I would need to check my email for others.

I hope this helps. Cheers


@Xyzor_Max - Are all of the Packs listed above by @Bojan_Pavlovic ones that you removed?

not the sentiment analysis pack, thats not one i recognise.

the others, yes.

the agile pack is replaced with a template that includes the tables needed (turns out a pack is not the best way to deliver this functionality)

i need to check the codepen pack, it should still be working.


Indeed, The Sentinemnt Analysis pack (assume) is A Google NLP Snetiment Analysis. @Eric_Koleda I think this was developed by Blossom UXR

I removed the Sentiment Analysis Pack because it didn’t make sense to have it anymore now that Coda AI is available and does a much better job than the library the Pack was relying on.

Take a look at @Scott_Collier-Weir winning template around sentiment tracking Customer Sentiment Tracker | AI

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@Eric_Koleda Not exactly sure how it would be imlpemented, but it would be cool to have some sort of grace period when a pack is being removed, similar to how when a pack goes paid, you get notified in advance.

Or even a custom message that the pack maker can publish stating the reason of removal and such!


Exactly! You are reading my mind. I was about to suggest the same before I saw your comment.
@Eric_Koleda it might be great to have something along the lines:

  • the author of the pack clicked “delete”
  • the author gets notified that the pack eill be deleted after 3 working days
  • all users (creators of docs using the pack) get notification that the pack will be deleted and they should find an alternative solution in 3 days max etc

Not sure if this makes sense but it would be grat to have this type of solution.

Thanks Leandro. It makes sense now. I was just lazy to remove this pack after all. I admit :grin:
It’s rather juggling with formula and stuff to present visuals/emoticons related to sentiment analysis because that’s most often what clients want to see before reading through the doc. And bunch of sentiment analysis text.

Definitely all good ideas, to give some time to migrate!

Enabling a way to send a message to all Pack users would be awesome as well :slight_smile:

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