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Hey Great People!

I have an Airtable Base with ALL of my content from IG and Instagram and Twitter.

I am slowing testing out managing out my content one platform at a time.

I am starting with Linkedin. I like using Coda for Linkedin for the purposes of writing. I currenlty have a Content Epic Center that I am building out.

I’d love to have an option that once I am finished writing a post, the post can be updated to the Airtable Base (rather a created record)

What’s the best way to achieve this?

The Airtable pack via @Leandro_Zubrezki

Use its TriggerWebhook action

And then use that to trigger a webhook invoked automation on airtables side to create the record

Hi @Ashley_Shuler, the best option is using the CreateRecord action from the Airtable Pack :slight_smile:

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Sweet. Thank you for answering!

Webhook all the way!

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