Allow a progress column to be used as the label display on timeline table

This has been suggested in another thread and a hacky workaround has been noted there using Rectangle(), but I thought I’d formally make a suggestion box thread about this so that people can vote on it.

It would be great if progress columns could be used as the label display on a timeline table. In fact, it would be even better if there was a way to select a fill color/percentage/value separately from the text label. My particular use-case is that I’d like to have a timeline table view that gives an overview of all our existing projects and allows easily seeing how our progress on a project compares to where we should be in terms of the project’s start and end dates. That way we could easily see at a glance whether we’re on track to complete a particular project on time. I’ve illustrated an ideal implementation of my use case below.

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Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes


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we can work with somethink like that indeed, but your fake example is exaclty what would push coda timeline to next level of project management !

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