Allow Export of Image cells into csv (or anything?)


The official Coda How To Export basically says 'copy and paste.

This does not work on image columns. I get nothing in excel or sheets. Plain nothing.


I can get around by piping the filenames to another column

but I feel this should be unnecessary. It feels like a regular oversight.



From what I know, excel does not have cell formats for images. So if you paste an image in a cell in excel, it’s not really stored in that cell, you can sort of move it around.

One workaround for you could be formatting the image column as “Image URL”. You can then paste a link of the image, and Coda will display the image.

If you copy this to excel or sheets, they will download the images from the URL, which should be close to what you want:

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That’s cool.
I realize now that it’s not self evident what people want :wink:
For me, I wanted a list of filenames, but that’s for sure not universal… so maybe the way it is now is fine.
It still could fail more gracefully; have some sort of default more useful than nothing.