Allow to move cell content by holding a keyboard shortcut

Like the title says, it would be nice if was possible to hold down a key on the keyboard and that would move the cell content to another cell.

Right now, the only way I can do this is by cutting and pasting, which envolves more clicks and more keypresses.

I’m still a starter Coda user but I’m a User Experience Designer.

Hi @Geiras_ES :slight_smile:
You mean something like holding “alt” in photoshop or illustrator and duplicate or something more like a cut and paste? :slight_smile:

I would have some usage for the first one :grin:
Obv the same UX could not be present in mobile but it can have a space in designing and preparing the doc on desktop!

Hello @Mario!

I was thinking more of a cut and paste/moving rather than duplicating, but that’s also an interesting take and could be achieved through a different key combination.

For the first option, for copying and pasting, I feel that I rarely want to copy just one cell. When I copy and paste, usually it is a lot of cells at once, so I copy, select all cells that I want to have that new content and then paste on all at once.

Regarding the UX, this is more for pro users on desktop, yes.

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