Drag cells to copy value to cells below (like in Excel, Google Sheets and Airtable)

You know how in any spreadsheet program (and even Airtable, a cloud database creation software comparable to Coda) you can drag a cell to copy its value to the cells below or above it?

That’s not possible in Coda even though it’s a integral part of all spreadsheet apps. I know Coda is not a spreadsheet, but Airtable isn’t either and yet you can still drag to copy. It’s a convention that I feel Coda ought to respect.

Not having it is just such a pain. If I have a table with 50 rows and I want the cells in a certain column (say there’s a “type” column and all rows are the same “type”), I have to manually copy and paste the value from cell to cell.

I understand it’s likely possible to create a workaround with a button + a Run Actions formula, but come on. This is such a basic feature that Coda lacks!

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Hello @Anna_F
Just for the record, you can paste to more than one cell at a time, or even to a complete column. It is not the same as dragging, but it works OK. When there are thousands of rows, I often apply a filter (or a search) and copy a value to a complete column, whereby I only change the visible rows.

I mention this not to discuss your request, but just in case you weren’t aware of this.

I am aware, thanks! It’s just not nearly as practical as the simple drag to fill that everyone’s used to.

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