Alphabetizing Select Lists


I am wondering how to alphabetize a select list. I am using a select list function for a column, so I am wondering how I would alphabetize it with still being able to add values into the list in an easy manner.

thanks, andrew


I generally define my lists as named formulas in a BACKSTAGE section, like this:


You create this simply by typing “=” followed by the list, with the sort() added at the end. At the top of the formula window there’s some text saying “Unnamed Formula” and you can click in there and give the list a name. You then use the name you gave whenever you want to use the list. Naming formulae is a great way to keep documents tidy.

You can now add entries to the list anywhere you want and the sort() takes care of the rest. Using the named formula makes everything nice and tidy in the rest of your doc.

Hope that’s pitched right and I’m not teaching you to suck eggs! Here’s an example, btw…

/edit - oh, and the obvious advantage here is that you don’t need to go all round your app updating column definitions when you add new elements if you use the named formula.