Is it possible to sort names alphabetically in a People column?

I was wondering if there’s a way of sorting names alphabetically in a People column when various names are added, ie. sorting needs to take place in each cell containing 1 to several names.
At the moment, when names are added from the same source list, they appear in the order they were added.

Can it be done by a formula at the column level?


Hello @Gerardo_Ducos ,

Yes it is possible normally with a formula using rank() Coda | Formulas => like this thistable.rank(thisRow,True) sort by ascending order otherwise False :slight_smile: or



Hey there!

If you just need some simple sorting, you can define that on the column you want to sort just like the screenshot below

If you need more formulaic sorting that is dynamic, you would create a new column that is generated by a formula and changes based off the conditions you set, then set the sort on that column

You can also do multiple tiered sorts by accessing the tables sorting options like this screenshot

Thanks Thierry and Scott for pitching in, although it is not entirely what I want.
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 17.32.33

If you look a the screenshot, I want to sort the names in the same cell. Here, I’d like to see:
AD, C, CS, EE, L, M
And the same for all the other cells in that People column.


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Yes, look what does the formula put in People, well the name, we put what we want ^^

Not exactly what I’m trying to achieve, but thanks.

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Sorry, I must have misunderstood, but sharing a test document would be easier :slight_smile:

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