Announcement: Thanksgiving Holiday 2021

As Coda observes the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, we are offering community support from Thursday, Nov. 25th to Friday, Nov 26th. During this time, we’ll be prioritizing doc and account emergencies. All other tickets will encounter a longer than usual response time and limited hours. Thanks for understanding.

Happy Thanksgiving :turkey: from Coda!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :turkey: :raised_hands: :grin: !


Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
The year has gone by so quickly. I can’t believe it! :wind_face:

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happy thanksgiving to all codans and makers

and a happy black friday also (or is it ‘merry’ black friday?)



You too, and thanks, Max!

Oh, I love Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Any amazing deals you’re looking at? Hint, hint: Anyone have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping doc? :wink:

You should hire Canadians to cover the support during American thanksgiving. :wink:


We’re hiring! International hiring is trickier and depends on the country, but we are hiring internationally now.

More info on working at Coda here: Coda Customer Champion Role


Applying now! :slight_smile: I would love to work with Coda. Absolutely love the platform and have been posting about it on social.


All Black Friday deals here in Ukraine are a scam already :slight_smile: These used to be special in the first year or two when they started doing those here, but nowadays those are no different from any day regular deals, only with extra hype.

…unlike this Black Friday deal of mine where you can get a $100 template for $40 :money_mouth_face:

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All your roles on Greenhouse are listed for United States.