Any reason Folders and Docs can't be manually ordered?

So I’m scratching my head about not being able to arrange the Docs inside of a Folder in the order I want. Is there a setting I’m missing to achieve this?

I can arrange them by when they were last Modified, Created, or Viewed. The the one thing I can’t do is arrange them the way I want, that makes sense to me. Why not? I imagine there was a good reason for not giving users this control… I just don’t see it.

Same thing goes for the Folders on the left sidebar in a Workspace section. Can I have control over the order instead of resorting to putting a number in front of them?

  1. Folder A
  2. Some other folder
  3. Why do I have to resort to this?
  4. Shoot I need to place a folder on top so now I have to go and rename all my folder prefix numbers :frowning:

Now when I open a Doc, things change. I can arrange and rearrange my pages as I please. Would love to see that behaviors for Folders and Docs.

Not trying to sound like a complainer and I love using the product. Just one of those things that stands out to me. I guess I just like to arrange things that make sense to me. :upside_down_face:


I am alo a bit confused why you cant manually order folders and docs, it feels like a normal thing to be able to do. Would be a cool improvement I must agree, nothing really groundbreaking but a quality of life improvement definitely :slight_smile:

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If I could just arrange the Docs by name that would help out because I could use that to name them in the order I need. But that’s not even an option.