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Hi Everyone,

I currently have a issue tracker that uses a table and field to show a “approval manager.” In a different table I have a formula that checks to see what user clicked a “reaction button.” If the person who clicked the reaction button is the “labor manager” the reaction button “activates.” If they aren’t they button won’t activate.

Right now I can only have one manager. Is there a way to to make a select box that allows multiple selections and have the before mentioned process still work? I tried, but it didn’t function properly. When I have more than one person selected as the labor manager in the field neither user can click the reaction button.

I am using the disable if function on the button. The formula is: thisRow.Approve != laborManager

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Brad_Young

I invite you to have a look on this document I made about process validation
Please add your self and play around with the button configuration. I set exactly what yo describe, button availability according to status. You can even see that my button to validate a proposal gives the list of people able to sign. And the doc track current user to check if he/she can signe

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Thank you! I’ll take a look

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