Associate two fields together

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Is it possible to associate two fields together, so that if one is inputted into table, 2nd field will autopopulate in the same row?

I’m trying to set up a 3 level todo list as this: Category -> Subcategory -> Task, where for single Category there may be multiple children subcategories:

  • Health - Physical Activity - Go for a run
  • Health - Diet - Eat breakfast
  • Health - Rest - Get 7h of sleep

Anytime I’m adding a new task to one off ‘health’ subcategories i would like that task to automatically get labeled with ‘Health’ category to avoid doing it manually every time. I have only handful of categories and subcategories to which I add all my daily task so would be great to automatize it a bit.

Currently I have a todo table with a lookup columns for category and subcategory received from another table but for each task I need to manually select category and subcategory.

I hope I was able to explain properly what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks a mill!

Dear @b4n,

I assume the solution of @Dalmo_Mendonca is what you need

Apples & Oranges: select items using an advanced category filter. Is this possible?

Hi Jean,

Thank you for sharing that! It almost worked out but i’m having troubles to reverse engineer it for my use case. If you take a look at my doc, when I add a todo item to ‘Todo’ table, I would like to choose a corresponding goal and based on that have the ‘category’ column autopopulated. Currently it autopopulates goals based on selected category which doesn’t make much sense. I’m planning to need only 3-7 categories throughout my life but many goals which will change every month.

Hi @b4n,

Does this do what you are after -




Thanks a million @Rohan_M! It looks like that works perfectly :blush:


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You’re very welcome :+1::slightly_smiling_face: