Asynchronous update between tables

Hello Coda community,
I have a table that is a sync to a github repo with over 6000 items. The sync takes about 5-6 min, if there is not grouping in the table. This is reasonably acceptable. Let’s call it Github-Issues

I am processing the data from github based on different attribute and build another table with more organized data. Let’s call it Development-Overview.
Each column of the Development-View is a filter of Github-Issues, eg. number of open issues with a particular label or milestone, etc.

The problem is, as soon as I start syncing the Github-Issues table, the Development-Overview table starts updating itself, and the whole sync takes more than one hour.

Question: Is there anyway that all the tables that are referencing Github-Issues update themselves when the Github-Issues sync finishes?

In this way the sync finishes much faster and all the tables update themselves quickly.


Closest thing to what you’re looking for would be an automation I think.

Could you have an automation running on a schedule that filters/counts Github-Issues, and then updates the relevant columns in Development-Overview?

Development-Overview would be out of date for the time between when the sync runs and when the automation runs - not sure based on your setup whether this would be a long time window, and whether or not you would be upset about it.

I’m trying to think of a way to actually trigger the automation upon sync completion, but not sure there would be anything.