Auto Scroll Issue: Help!

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently built a tool for our supervisors to review prior day appointments. The tool displays appointment details in rows, and supervisors can navigate through them using a “Next” button at the bottom of each row (please refer to the attached image). However, when they click on the “Next” button, the page moves to the new row as expected, but the scroll position remains at the bottom.

I’d like to implement an “Auto Scroll” feature that automatically scrolls to the top of the page when the “Next” button is clicked. I’ve noticed that in a table format, when a canvas column is clicked, the row opens and navigates to that field. Could this functionality be the key to solving my issue?

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

From experience, the canvas swipe doesn’t care about the scroll position so much as the cursor position (when using the built-in buttons)

That being said, I’m not sure how to capitalize on that.

What’s your code for the “next” button ?

You’re correct! The canvas button controls the cursor position which then affects the scroll position.

[DB Appointments]
[Find My Appointment Review] =
thisRow.[Find My Appointment Review] + 1
[My Appointment Review],
ModifyRows(thisRow, thisRow.[Assigned To], thisRow.User)

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