AUTO updating of CODA doc by using/extracting the data from a document in cloud location

Hi, i would like to know ways by which a CODA doc can be linked to a particular document/folder in cloud and on updating this cloud document/folder the same data should be updated in the CODA doc as well. I also need this process to be triggered periodically like once a week or twice a week depending on the requirement.

Hi Vinay,

There are many, many different ways to achieve what you are asking. Unfortunately your ask is too high level for any meaningful response. Please provide more detail.

What kind of documents? What kind of information?

Integration can be achieved through the Zapier pack, through packs that provide specific integrations like gmail, outlook, shopify, exchange rates stock prices and a hundred other packs.

Or you could write your own pack.



Hi Piet ,
Thank you for your response. I feel like Iā€™m asking too many questions all at once, I think it would be easier for you to guide as well as for me to understand if we took this one step at a time. So as a first step can u guide me on how to link a document(excel/CSV) in cloud storage (google drive / drop box) to a CODA doc.

Thanks in advance.

HI Vinay,

Here is a pack that will help you bring in CSV:

And here are packs for Dropbox and Google Drive

The pack pages also includes links to docs that will illustrate how to make use of the packs.



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