Automated cross document summary

I want to use 1 document per customer/partner for all my notes and then an overview document for what’s urgent/tobediscussed. Usually there are one or more project sections, there’s at least 1 general tasks section (or even 1 per project for bigger partners/customers) and a contacts list. Now I have to go through each document on 1on1 en team meetings.

How do I get data from the customer/partner documents to a generic overview document without using deeplinks (since that’s manual work) based on a status? Examples could be Highlighting/Labeling a text-section or a status dropdown in a table (if status = “toBeDiscussed”).


There’s not a great way to do this right now from my understanding.

@Nick_HE is correct. This is something that we have not yet implemented.

The only way to get this to work for now would be copy and paste. :sob:

This will soon be possible — I’m building a pack for this!


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