Automatically format identical cells

Hi there, this is a setting which I’m used to with using excel. I can automatically mark if a row or a cell has identical content to other ones. How is this possible in Coda?

So if I enter something in the first column, and the content already exists in another role, it should display the cell as red, for example.

Thank you.

Hi !

If I understood you correctly, this should do the work.

You add a column to track if the column is duplicated. Then you use this column to set a conditional format. When your finished you can hide this column so it doesn’t bother the user. You can even use it to disable a column with a delete button that is only active if the row is actually duplicated.

In my example, I’m only looking at the column “Name”. If you want to track fully similar rows it’s possible but the formula will be very long if you have a huge number of columns.

Let me know if this helps you or if you need more help ! :slight_smile:

Hi again and thx for the answer. I cant’ see, hot the column is set up. Need edit access.

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