Automations Are Frustrating

I’m trying to choose a good project management system for my company. Here are the questions I’m trying to answer and have not been able to find direct information on, if anyone could help with these it would be wonderful.

  • Can updates be sent out by email/ outlook providing updates or changes?
  • Can I create reminders/ warnings for due dates on specific tasks and projects?
  • Can I create an email response reminder? (Example: If I get an email from a client at 2pm, can I create a reminder to response back before 7pm?)
  • Can I create a sign off or approval permission setting so that a task or project can only be completed once someone specific has provided the approval?

Thank you in advance

hey @Tye_Zaharia I believe everything in your list can be accomplished. The reminders system isn’t ‘native’ like Notion, but you can build something that accomplishes it. That’s what makes Coda so great is you can build almost anything you can imagine … and if you can’t the community is an amazing resource for people to help you.

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