Background color of columna

I have a table I created a while ago & I had set the background color of every other column. I’m working on another table & I cannot remember or discover how to do this. Any help appreciated.

Right click on a column header → Conditional Format.

If it’s a text column: right click on a column header → Format → Conditional Format.

Or click on table Options → Conditional Format.

Thanks for that. I thought it would involve conditional formatting. And I can use that to color the text in the column cells or highlight that text, but what I cannot seem to do is highlight the background behind the text. I see no menu choices for formatting the background. What am I missing?

There are a few default options with different background colors, but you can customise text and background colors as you wish after you click “More” link and then “Custom” button:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 18.48.16

Great. Thanks so much. I had gotten to that screen but didn’t realize that those color choices related to the background as there is nothing that says that.