Color Columns without conditional formatting

I want to be able to colour columns regardless of their contents. ie I don’t want to use conditional formatting. I just want the columns to be a certain colour.
With a text column it gives me this option but not with a number column.
Anyone understand the logic behind this?

I can use conditional formatting “Blank/Not blank” but these seems a bit hacky.
Also is it possible to colour the columns headings?


Hello @Ian_T !
For this kind of stuff, I rely on Format() function, referencing a special table holding the formatting templates.

The downside being that this can only be used for displaying, editable column is separate.
Here is a demo to explain :

Thanks @Martin_Portevin.
Any idea why Text column are Formatable but not number columns?


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Yep, you need to convert it via ToText() for the style to apply. See my updated example

Is there some reason behind you can format text but not numbers?

I guess this is because formatting can only be applied to canvas content. When you type a number anywhere in a page, it’s not seen as a Number but as Text. Numbers are a different type of content, without any additional data for formatting. Pure math data.
Not sure my answer is clear nor true :slight_smile:

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