Bar charts with conditional logic

I’m creating a performance dashboard but I’m struggling to create charts with:

  1. Conditional logic
  2. Sums/averages by category and total in the same view

I created this mock table and chart to show what I’m looking for. In this example, I’m looking to:

  • Have the Actual Price bars in the chart only be an average of cells that are greater than $0
  • Add a cluster of bars that show overall (i.e., including all categories) average of List Price and Actual Price

Is this possible? Any help making it happen? Thank you!

Hey Mohit, I got this a little bit closer to what you’re looking for, but not entirely sure how to bring in the cluster of overall average for list and average price other than just adding the summary to those columns in the table view. You can check that out here:

Nicole, thank you for the help! I was able to make it work with a couple of summary tables (one by category and one total) using the filter formula structure you suggested. Really appreciate the wisdom!

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