Best Practices for Creating Item Variations

Does anyone have a good best practices for creating item variations?

Use Case: I am using a form and table combo to input all of my items that I sell on my website. Where I am struggling with is how to account for item variations that have a different wholesale cost, and a different retail costs

Current state:
I input an item such as a Jersey. Which has a wholesale cost of $35 and a retail cost of $50
However it has option such as what collar design. Crew Neck (standard cost) or 1/4 zip + 10.
Sleeve Length - Standard (standard cost), Long sleeve = $5
And I sell the Jersey in 10 colors (does not impact cost)

Any thoughts? Or does anyone have a sample doc?

HI Joseph,

Welcome to Coda!

I am not certain whether there is a “best practices” for this,

But please have a look at the page below.

I suggest three components, the Jersey, the sleeves, the collar.
The create products that consists of

  • Standard - Jersey only
  • long sleeve - Jersey plus sleeve,
  • Full house - Jersey Plus Sleeve plus collar,

As far as the colour goes - do you want to keep track of colors separately? (Eg how many in stock of each qty? Or is it just an option the buyer needs to select?


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