Best way to set parent-child relationship for Gantt view?

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I’m a big fan of Coda’s adaptability! I work for an aviation consulting company, and we’re exploring the possibility of using Coda to organize our workspace. One crucial feature we need is a Gantt Chart, but we’re encountering difficulties establishing a clear parent-child relationship for our tasks and sub-tasks.

Currently, we’ve set up two tables —one for parent tasks and another for child tasks— and related them to group sub-tasks under their respective parent tasks. However, we’re running into issues when some parent tasks don’t have any associated child tasks. In such cases, we’re unable to display all tasks and only collapse or expand those with sub-tasks.

This limitation seems to extend to the general view of items and sub-items.

Could anyone suggest a correct and efficient method for establishing parent-child relationships, especially for Gantt Charts?

Let me share here gantt-example a clear example of the issue.

Thank you!

There is no single correct way of doing this.

My approach is to have all entries in a single table, with an identifier whether it is project, task or subtask. Then use dependencies, filters, groups and sort to get the various layouts I need.

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Thank you for your feedback!

With this approach I believe there is no possibility to group children by their parent. Additionally, this would require both parent and child to have the same properties.

After many trials, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe there’s no way to configure a Gantt chart that meets our company’s requirements.

I’m hopeful for future improvements by the Coda team for the Timeline view!

The biggest mistake that people make with CloudBased databases is to pay to much attention to normalisation.

I would like to refine that statement - This would require parent and child to reside in the same table. This table would have some columns that are filled only for the parent, some that are only filled for the child, and some that are filled for both.


Below are some screenshots from how I use it:
This is the table view. not showing dates and about 20-30 other fields.
Thought details would be more or less your Parent,
GTD Topic your child
GTD Task is a sub-child - in our case the “next step”.

and the same table, but in Timeline view: