Bug: Cannot add image in Detail View from a row

The “Row from at a glance” overlaps the “Add image” button and I cannot click add an image because of this. Same issue persists even if I click the “Expand” button. This is an issue specifically with this layout template:


Hi @Fol_Eso :blush: !

I was not able to reproduce your issue neither on Chrome nor Firefox (on a Mac) :thinking:

The Add image is vertically aligned with the mention Row from ...

Using the very last “quick style” layout available :

Set up as follow :

What troubles me a little from your screenshot is the fact that At a Glance doesn’t appear in blue like it always did from my side of screen (as far as I can remember) :thinking:

May I ask what browser do you use ? :innocent:

I use Vivaldi (Chromium based) on Windows 11, and while I don’t get the same bug anymore, I get other weird visual bugs:

You can see here, “Add cover” is an option despite having a different image set as the cover, and the title text Location is weirdly vertical spaced.

here is the link to the doc if it helps: Travel Planner

Hi @Fol_Eso :blush: !

I have never heard of Vanadium before :sweat_smile:

Maybe, if you haven’t done so already, you could try to clear cache and cookies ?

If this doesn’t work, I would suggest you to contact the Coda Support through Intercom by clicking on the somewhat big question mark (?) you should find at the bottom right of your screen (when you’re in your doc or workspace).
It will open the Learn & help menu where at the bottom you should see a clickable link to Contact support :blush:

:person_facepalming:You’re right, because it’s not Vanadium, it’s Vivaldi. I don’t know why I mixed those two up. Clearing cache and cookies doesn’t do anything, I anyway have my browser set to clear them on close.

Hihihi :smile: ! It happens, no worries :wink:

After downloading Vivaldi (5.7+ on Mac) and opening your doc, I can indeed reproduce both of these visuals bugs: The strange position of the Add image and the Location field shifting from being displayed horizontally to vertically when editing this specific field…

I don’t really have a workaround for the Location field (the issue appears as soon as one tries to edit the field and add a value (it seems to work fine if the field already has a value) and this field is set up to be center or right aligned in this quick style … but it seems to work normally when left aligned)…

For the Add image, it seems to be less problematic if your Image field is placed either in the Title part of this quick style layout, the Subtitle part or even in the first Description part :blush: .

But yes, as soon as I tried to place the field within the Visuals part, the Add Image is not where it should be …

We sadly have no control on how these quick styles layout work, only the Support can investigate this :no_mouth:

That worked for me! For now that’s good enough ^^; hopefully support can investigate. Would be great if we could manually create layouts with the different types (visual, subtitle, etc.) instead of using just the Quick Styles in the future too.

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