BulletedList not expanding

Hello, surely I’m doing something wrong but can’t figure it out so hoping someone can lend a hand.

I’m trying to create a meeting document like I saw Angad do on a Canvas video but when I write the formula to split and bullet the action items from the canvas/note field, it looks like it is working in the formula writer but when I close it, the text even of one action item is not fully displayed (I can stretch the row out to see it but cannot see the other bulleted action items for each row. Row 1 should have 3 action items.

Here is the document link Meetings

Also attaching some screen shots

Do you have the “Wrap Text” option turned on in the column settings?


Wow, clear as day that is an option but I’ve never seen or used it till now. Thank you for the quick answer to my very basic question.

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