Button Action: Create Page Button

Use Case: I have a standard template for User Story Details (If, Given, Then statements, designs, analytics, etc) and I am looking to create a master table for ‘Top Level Stories’’ to capture high level details but then want to create individual pages (think individual JIRA tickets) to breakdown the specifics of those top level stories into further details.

I’d like the ability to add a button to my ‘Top Level Stories’ table to ‘create a page from a template’, pass a value from the table as the Page name, and then add the link to the page to the ‘Top Level Stories’ table. Thus creating a quick and easy way to create the pages for each story breakdown, using the same standard template, and then closing the loop with the link which is now available for quickly jumping to the individual story detail level.

i regularly do this kind of thing using the DuplicatePage() function.


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Thanks, Max. I will check out if that gets what I need. Sounds promising!!

Appreciate the outreach and guidance.

Live long and Coda.