Button formula action, navigate to top

Since I cant resize the tables or charts I will have to create a bunch of links in a small space but I don’t trust this particular group of folks to scroll back and forth without their heads exploding. I would like to place a button in between each table, chart, or view so that when they are done looking at it they can pop right back up where they were.

Each line of text has a unique URL, usually determined by the ID part after #, e.g. in URL like coda.io/d/DocName_dXXXXXXXXXX/SectionName_YYYYY#_ZZZZZ, the line ID part is #_ZZZZZ.

Put a cursor on the 1st line of your doc, copy the URL with the ID part, and either add a button to OpenWindow("full url") or a link to that full url.

Awesome, I knew it would be simple.