Button Lookup Greyed Out

Hi guys,

I make use of a Add Client button that when clicked brings up the form for the client details to add to the client table. I would like access to this button in a few places. Instead of recreating this button in each section/table is it possible to create a lookup to this button. I have tried this but in table the lookup button is greyed out. Can anyone help?

Hi @Rendered, welcome to the forum.

It’s greyed out because for some reason Coda allowed pulling in the button through the “add linked column” interface, but the formula itself isn’t propagated correctly.

Fix that yourself by going to button settings, then referencing the button from the original row with a formula like [Your looked up row].[Button in that table]

I.E. it’s not a pulled button, but a new, different button. But you can write its action formula to click that original button.

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