Button to add rows only to rows with unique value?

Boy could I use some help!

I have a list of stocks, and each stock has a set of dated entries. Is there a way I can create a button to add just one new row for each stock without adding a new row for every entry for every stock?

FWIW, the latest entry for each stock has value “Latest” in a Timing column, and I’ve tried using filters and If statements in a formula for the button, but I just can’t figure out how to make it work.

Or is a button even the right way to do this?

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!


Hey @Gregg_Stebben !

Im a little confused on your question? Could you provide more details or an example doc with the issue?

My initial idea would be doing something like: stockTable.stocks.unique().formulaMap(addRow())

Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir !

Thank you for your help!

Because my table has a lot of personal info in it, I would have to make a copy and delete a lot of things to share…before I do that, I am going to try a screenshot.

Basically I want to add a new row for each stock (CEVA, CRSP, CRWD) but if I make a button to Add Row it adds a row for every entry…so I get 4 new rows for CEVA, 4 new rows for CRSP and 3 new rows for CRWD.

I thought maybe I could use a filter or If statement in a button to only add rows where the value of Timing is “Latest” because there is only one row with value “Latest” per stock. But I couldn’t make it work, and maybe it’s a bad idea anyway??? :wink:

The orange button on each row allows me to manually add a new row to any given row…and I tried adding a button to hit those buttons, but the button to push buttons hits all the buttons so I get too many new rows! And I also tried to filter or use an If statement to just add a new row with value “Latest” but I couldn’t make that work either.

Does that help?

Bottom line is I want some way to add one new row for each stock, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s a button or some other approach.

Thank you again for any help you can offer!


Great! It still seems like my suggestion above with the example filter would work inside of a button, you would just have to define what table you want the rows added to.

Essentially what that formula inside of a button would do is look at your Stocks table, find each unique entry, then add a row for each unique entry to another table


Hey, @Scott_Collier-Weir , this was a great solution…and after I got everything working I realized there was another approach that’s even more simple and elegant. I went into the settings for the orange button and disabled the button for values Not Recent and Recent Three. Then I created a button to hit the orange buttons that were left which gave me exactly the filter I was looking for. But I only figured this out thanks to you!


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