Button to Open Next (by Date) Row?


I have a complex, recurring weekly meeting taking place twice weekly with 6 topic/time slots available per meeting instance.

I have set up two tables:

  1. Meetings
  2. Topics/Time Slots

The meetings and topic/time slots are being set up in the background. What I’m looking for is a button that lets someone sign up for the next available topic/time slot. Meaning if you press the button, it takes the work out of the equation for you and opens up the next row in the table by date where the topic field is empty.

Anyone have any suggestions if this is even possible?

Here’s a screenshot of the topics table so you can have a visual aid:

In this scenario above, clicking the button would open up record 3, for June 7 at 1:20 pm.

Hey there.

What you will want to do is essentially find the earliest date/time value that ALSO has an empty presenter column.

You are going to use a combo of Activate(), min() and filter() to do it. Heres an example doc.

To help with the ease of reading the formula, I wrote the a Canvas based formula that filters the table to find the minimum date/time and then in my button I simply wrote:


Scott, you are brilliant! Thank you, yet again, for having an amazing solution!


You are most welcome! If you haven’t yet Im started to share a ton of these types of tips on my:

Follow along for more tips and tricks!


I’m going to do just that! Thanks!

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