Button to Run AI on Page or Row

AI appears to run whenever a page is opened, whether it is needed or not. This wastes AI usage and credits. Could we have a Button to run the AI on demand for a page and for just a specific row?

I have large bodies of text that only need to be AI’d periodically, but their AI goes off when ever the pages are opened, even if there have been no changes deserving re AI usage.

I also have large tables of items all of whose rows are AI’d whenever the page is opened, whether they need it or not. Could we have button that could be used to update just the row or rows individually that need updating by AI?


well said @Doug_Loud , it would be helpful to have certain rows in a column made subject to AI while others not, a button would make that possible and save credits, while increase the performance of any doc. Cheers, Christiaan

merci @Piet_Strydom , I reference your contribution here:

This may be a way out.


Thanks - I’ll check it out!