Calc easter (Ostern)

How do you calculate easter in a specific year?

Is there a formula made for this?

Dear @Kristijan_Moser

As explained in this article.
The date of the Paschal Full Moon , used to determine the date of Easter what means either you have to build a table with the "The dates of the Paschal Full Moon or you build a table with the Easter dates.

Obviously there is no win having the Paschal Full Moon tables.

:thinking: Like always, I am mostly open to learn if somebody has an elegant solution

Thanks for the explanation.

I know the complex calculation because it has already been incorporated into Excel (VBA). That’s exactly what I want in Coda now.
If date = Easter then do something

I don’t want to have a table with hand-typed Easter dates. Are there ways to create formulas yourself?

Dear @Kristijan_Moser,

I understand, Coda doesn’t have this like Excel

You might consider to check if this will be an option for you:

Hi @Kristijan_Moser!
I would add a Google Calendar Pack syncing only holidays and from the current year.

Then, in another table reference the date that matches easter in the Google Calendar table.


Amazing @Saul_Garcia, the skill not to isolate yourself in a given challenge and to find a way beyond that :trophy::trophy::trophy: