Camp / event registration with payment?

Hi All,
Double question here - is it even possible to build a registration form for events, summer camp, etc WITH some kind of integrated payment option? Like, e.g., a connection to PayPal? It seems obvious to me that we could make a nice form and then manipulate results as a database but I’m having trouble figuring out the payment portion.

If anyone has a recommendation for a vendor/professional that could build this for me, I’d be very interested in hiring.

Hey there! You can’t build payment directly into coda forms.

What you could do is build a form where your users register for an event, and then there registration is only “held” until payment.

You could then utilize the stripe pack+email automations to generate invoices for these registrants and automatically send them an invoice for the registration.

You could then run more automations that, upon successful payment, mark there registration as confirmed.

Reach out if you need more help or have any other questions! Happy to help you build it as well. We’ve built many similar workflows and integrations for our customers at Simpladocs