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Hi. We have a small (probably a formulamap) change that we need making to a table on our Coda pages. We are just a small local Foodbank in the UK and it is not something we feel confident/competent to do. Can you please suggest how I can go about identifying someone who could do the work for us, if paid. The issue is that we need to feel confident about the coder’s confidentiality as they will have access to sensitive information on our Foodbank clients. Many thanks, Charles Worth.

hi @Saltash_Foodbank ,

try to describe your issue as good as you can in this community, if possible with a dummy doc showing the issue and I am confident you will be helped out for free so you can spend your money on your core business as foodbank.

Cheers, Christiaan

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Hey there!

I own Simpladocs and CodaSchool and we are a Coda development agency specializing in just these things.

Shoot me an email and we’d love to set up a time to talk and scope out your project!

If the work is simple and anywhere under 1 hour of effort we’d happily do it for free!

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