Can a formula see it is in a synced page?

Hi! I have a master doc and a smaller doc with only a few synced pages for users that should not poke the data in the master doc. I need the synced pages to filter a bit differently in the master doc and the other doc. Is there a function which would help me?
E.g. thisDocument.ObjectLink() always gives the URL of the master doc. If it gave the URL of the doc we are in, I could use it to differentiate the behavior of the page accordingly. Or something similar, even an AmISyncedRightHereRightNow() function returnig true or false would be fine. But I can not find any thing, not even in packs.

(In the end I will use cross-doc if there is no other way, but I’d prefer not to.)

Sync pages are basically embedded versions of the master page. They don’t have access to reference the “container” page (where the page is synced).

You would think that calling ObjectLink in the sync page would refer to the sync page’s URL. However, as an embed, it’s only referencing it from the context of the master page.

I’ve been playing with this myself and if I find any clever workarounds, I’ll post here.

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