Can I use a custom domain for a wiki that is internal use only?

Hi guys,

We migrated our wiki across to Coda from Confluence, and now it’s working almost exactly the way we wanted.

The only thing that isn’t ideal is the URL to access it sits under my profile, i.e.

I’d like to put it under a subdomain instead, but I don’t want to make it accessible to everyone on the Internet.

I’d like to publish the wiki at, but still have it accessible only to the users in our workspace.

Is this possible? I tried publishing the doc to this subdomain, but am getting this error every time I try to access it: “413 ERROR The request could not be satisfied.”

I’ve been able to publish other pages OK, but those were public, i.e. open to the whole Internet. This is the first time I’ve tried to use a custom domain with restricted access.


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Hi Ken,

The functionality you’re requesting isn’t currently possible as custom domains can only be utilized with docs published to the world wide web. We’ve added this as a feature request on your behalf, so if ever it’s put into production, you’ll be personally notified. Hope that helps.


Thanks James, much appreciated.

hi @James_Malloy , just a short note to say how much I appreciate this feedback. It is honest, to the point and shows you understand the relevance of the request. I hope many others will follow your example!
Cheers, Christiaan

I’m similarly interested in something like this. Is it possible to publish it to the web but then add a homepage that requires a log in or password?

I’d like to add my request for the ability to add a custom domain without needing to publish it.

The main thing I just want to get rid of is that Coda back button. I really don’t want to have to make it discoverable in search! Not sure why it was implemented like this to be honest.

What are the use cases for large scale public discovery but no link back to Coda? Seems like very few business use cases would apply.

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