Published Doc with Discovery off - still viewable by non-domain viewers

I have created a document to be used as a company intranet - IE I do not want the content to be viewable by domain-external web users.

Our main website is

This document is published on a custom domain (subdomain)
Audience and Interaction Settings:

  • Discoverable by Anyone: off

The Doc interaction note specifically shows “anyone in your domain can view your doc”…

Now - when I sign out of coda and go to, I can still see the content.

As a note, I also have the workspace configured so that is an approved email domain

This is incongruent with this Coda documentation… Publishing to your Team | Coda Help Center

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Publishing a doc publicly is a requirement in order to connect to a custom domain. Unfortunely, there is currently no other way around this.

What you could do is disable publishing, set your doc’s permissions, and have your desired subdomain redirect to the Coda Doc’s link. Then it will redirect to the doc and require the person to have the correct credientials on

I believe if someone doesn’t have your link, the only way they would be able to view it is randomly generating your unique link (a 1 in a bajillion chance i’m sure) by accident.

Unless you’re giving out nuclear launch codes, I think it’s an acceptable risk? lol

Otherwise you will have to manually share with individuals or share within in a folder

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t love this answer because I’m trying to put together a professional intranet on an official domain. I just don’t really think redirects to a seemingly random domain is really professional.

Either way - if it’s a limitation, it’s a limitation.

This is on a custom domain - so it’s not randomized like that. I do appreciate your feedback though.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. The last resort would be to setup your domain to host an embed that’s scaled to the entire page.

For example, setup a generic wordpress site with a single page. The page should only include an embed to the disired Coda doc. Set the embed/page to be 100vh 100vw to correctly scale everything.

With an embed, you do not need to make it public, so it’ll require the person to be logged in to view the doc.

Thanks for the reply Micah,
I actually spent some time this afternoon doing just that and hosted it here. The only thing I don’t love there is if you’re not logged into our domain, instead of Coda forwarding you to login, it just shows an error… I guess that’s still about as good as it gets but that could get confusing to people who aren’t in-the-know about where the content is hosted…

Oh nice!

I never got deep into webflow, but from my experience using Divi in WP, you can show/hide content based on if certain cookies are present or not.

When someone is logged in, there are certain cookies present compared to when they’re not logged in/don’t have proper permissions.

I’ve never tried it, but I think you could setup some conditional content based on if a certain cookie is present (ex. lastActivePage), and either show a button that takes them to a login page if the cookie isn’t present, or show the embed if the cookie is present.

Not sure if this would work, but just a thought!

That’s a really solid thought. I figured there’d be some way to get data on whether or not the user is logged-in. I’ll give checking the cookies a shot. I’m slightly past newb level on webflow lol but it’s a good fit for us.

Thanks Micah!

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