Can't figure out how to reference a parent row

I’m having an issue with referencing the parent row of a table.

I have 4 Tables

  • Projects DB
  • Invoice DB
  • Billable Item DB
  • Client DB

Within the Projects DB, there are these relevant columns

  • Lookup to Client DB (singular)
  • Lookup in table view to Billable Items DB (can have multiple)
  • Lookup in card view to invoices DB (can have multiple)

You can create a new item for the invoices in the project db. When you do so, it will grab the client, and all of your line items in the Projects DB, and pull and sort them with the same filters in the invoice view.

The thing I’m trying to figure out, is I want to have a button that can mark a single Billable Item for one invoice, and make it impossible to select it on another invoice within the same project, but I just can’t figure it out.

My idea was using a formula in the Billable Items to tell the row what parent table (invoice row) it was in, but there is no formula to reference the parent table.

In the screenshot, when I push the Add button, I want it to populate with the parent table in the ‘Invoiced On…’ column because it would be easy to filter everything else based on that… but I can’t figure out how to do this…

HI Micah,

Could you make available a copy of the doc? It is very difficult to follow logic from screenshots

parentRow() formula is used in a canvas column to refer to values in the (parent) row of the canvas. It will not work in your situation.

Piet Strydom

Thank you for your response! Upon looking at it further, I realized the way I was going about it didn’t make sense to implement, so I ended up changing that way it all worked.


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