Can't rearrange cards in table

Neither myself as a doc maker nor shared editors seem to be able to re-arrange cards in tables at the moment. When we try, the click seems to pass through to the table container itself.

Hello @Daila_Duford ,

I can’t reproduce that behavior. Is perhaps a filter applied? Can you share a (dummy) setup to show the problem you are experiencing?

Greetings, Joost

Doesn’t look like there are any filters set up, no. The way I tested with editors was also on different docs and tables entirely. I tried in incognito mode and by refreshing cache to see if it would fix the issue, but to no avail. Yesterday my editor was having problems rearranging, but mine was working fine. Today I’m also now experiencing the same issue.

When creating a new doc, however, I appear to be able to rearrange the cards.

Changing the broken card view to a table view, for example, does allow rearranging. Same for the ‘Detail’ view. If I group by category, I can also rearrange the order of the categories/groups without issue; but not the cards within each.

Hi Dalia,

Have you checked whether you have a hidden sort?


Under card options I currently have no filters or sorts applied. Only grouping by category

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Since this is still persisting on these tables, wanted to ping @Shaina_Torgerson per the pinned post here. Our docs rely heavily on tables, and the inability to rearrange them has been very detrimental to our productivity. From what I can tell new tables work fine, but any from before 2-3 days ago on all of our docs are having this issue.

Hi @Dalia_Matsuyama, can you please share a screen recording, or the doc itself so we can take a look?

@Jono_Bouwmeester If it helps, I’ve just been able to pretty easily reproduce the issue even on new documents. If I group the cards by category (a select list, for example), then I’m no longer able to rearrange them at all. Though this isn’t intended behavior, and we were able to rearrange while grouped by category before.

If a video is still wanted, I can set up a recording to share.

You will be able to rearrange cards when you make a fresh table. However, when you group by a particular data type (such as a select list), you will no longer between to sort WITHIN those categories. It looks like if you click off of the table then try to drag again, you can drag a card from one category to another. But never sorting within a category.

You are right, rearranging cards is not possible, if they are grouped to the LEFT. The reason for this behaviour could be, that unlike a list, this view contains multiple columns of cards, depending on the current width of your page/view. If possible for your use case, try grouping to the TOP instead - with only one column for each category, the cards become sortable again.

They do become rearrangeable when you use the top sorting method, yes. We have been using this as a workaround for now, but it’s not an acceptable long-term solution for our team. We rely on the left-aligned sorting for card groups and have been able to rearrange cards within those category for months now. The difficulty doing so is recent; just within the past week.

Hi Dalia, have you reported this to the support team yet?

(? In the bottom right of your doc.)?

Hey, same bug here but in my case dragging doesn’t work between vertical groups (TOP), but only works between horizontal ones (LEFT). When sorting within groups is disabled, both work fine.