Unable to reorder referenced row as table in layout popup

I’m trying to reorder a table I have “embedded” in a layout but don’t see the handles that I normally see in the typical table view. I have an example in this file Table Sort Layout Test and you can see the specific view here where I’m trying to rearrange the backlog items.

Hello @Avishaan_Sethi ,
I copied your doc and the tables have all the options I am used to see. The top table is a bit small, so you have to click on options to see all the normal options in the sidebar on the right side of the screen - or make one or both columns a bit wider and you’ll see them the way you are used to see them.

Are you able to reorder rows in the table from the view in the last link I had above? Table Sort Layout Test That’s what I was not able to do.

Yes, I can sort or order whichever way I want:

Ah I appreciate your help and I’m also able to sort from there but I should have been more detailed in where I was looking. Are you able to sort from this view which should have been on the second link but maybe that view doesn’t get shared. It’s the view you see after clicking the “epic 1” card

Yes, that works as well: