Canvas control!


I’ve made a doc for my projects and set up some canvas controls and user based filters.

Please see the embedded doc for reference.

In the first page called “NBDW” if you use the canvas control “District Code” and type in “klm” only the datas for that district comes up. And additionally you can notice that the values in the callout headings above the charts namely “No. of RRF” and “No. of MCF” are also changing with the filter. This is sweet. Works very well.

Now moving to the second page “BDW”. Here i used the same formulas and same canvas controls but eventhough the charts are updating with the “klm” filter the callout values like “Proposed Bio CNG Plants”, “Proposed Biogas Plants” are not updating with the filter. I’ve tried figuring out the issue but i can’t solve it on my own.

Really appreciate If someone can help me find out what’s the mistake i am doing.

Hey there! Please reach out to the Coda Support team at :smiley:

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