Canvas Filter for linked data in a table


So the data in the related payments column are linked data rows from another table.

Based on that linked data rows, I want to filter the date it was created based on the canvas control which has month names.

Please help. Where am I going wrong with my formula?

Hey there! I made a very slimmed down version of what you’ve built here with the canvas control filter working as I believe you’re intending:
(Feel free to play around with this!)

When using canvas controls, rather than using Contains(), you’ll want to use Matches() which you can read more about here: Coda formulas, formula library, formula cheat sheet - Coda

Additionally, since it looks like you have a relation column set up for your Month DB column, you’ll want to “dot” one level deeper in your formula to match the value to the values you’ve added to your canvas control select options:

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much! You’re amazing!

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